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annoas in strawberries, new blackberries,tes from mccafé are real fruit, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ all right, good morning maryland, welcome in. i'm jamie costello.
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>> i'm megan pringle. the big story is obviously earl. a lot of people want to know what it's going to bring to us. >> justin berk has the answers. >> we already thought earl peaked. we wake up with it knocking on the east coast doorstep, it's gotten stronger. winds measured at 145 miles per hour. that is a very strong category 4 storm. not just minimal for deep within that range. it appears as if it's actually expanded in size. going to about 230 miles away. could hit the north carolina coastline. at least tropical storm force winds. this will stay away from baltimore and that cold front to our west will help push the thing off the coast. until then, here we go. this is what earl means to maryland. beaches under a tropical storm warning. guaranteed there'll be tropical
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storm conditions within 36 hours. by this time tomorrow, when i'm standing on the beach with christian shaeffer. joce sterman going in for full coverage. we have waves between 10 to 20 feet expected off the shoreline. there may be flooding, about three-foot tidal surge. some of the water works off the chesapeake bay. coastal flood advisory for western shores of the chesapeake, not immediately, because of the water push from the storm offshore. 75 ocean city, they're dry and quiet. we'll have more coming up in just a bit. right now, let's see what's happening on the roads. >> traffic has been looking really good at this hour. we don't have major incidents working, just a couple minor things, we'll get to those in a moment. you'll see traffic moving nice on both loops at wilkins avenue. 695, checking in with no problems. 95 corridor looking good. no problems as you continue down
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towards the capital beltway. as we look at our maps and drive times, you're looking good on the harbor tunnel thruway, seven minutes down to 295. 95 southbound looking good down to route 32 in howard county. that's off to the right shoulder, not bothering anybody. debris in the roadway. megan and jamie, back to you our summer playground, that's where we are this morning, don harrison, on the beach. >> reporter: good morning, jamie, you know, it's actually very comfortable out here right now. the temperature is 76 degrees. i checked the anemometer, the winds are blowing only at 8 miles per hour. there'll be some effect at some point down here in ocean city. at this point right now, we're in a tropical storm warning, winds will be over 40 miles an
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hour. we could see gusts up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. i walked back behind me to the surf, waves at 5 to 6 feet. they'll build to 10 feet later on. tomorrow, we'll see waves, maybe 15 feet. what they're talking about, we'll have one to two inches of rain, rough surf, obviously. there'll be minor street flooding. all of this will happen between 3:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on friday. there's a lot of sand out here. they really believe this beach can handle it. >> heightened level of interest with hurricanes. everybody's looking at the five-year anniversary of katrina, i think this is on everybody's mind. everybody realizes how destructive they can be and how important it is to pay attention to the forecast and follow the instructions of your emergency managers and do what the emergency operators tell you to do. >> jamie, we're going to talk to
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emergency management personnel today at 1:00, they'll give us another update. right now things are pretty calm. i'm sure that will change pretty soon. live in ocean city, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. baltimore city officials are making sure that the city and everyone who lives in the city is prepared for possible severe weather that could come our way. mayor rawlings blake reminded people to prepare their families and their homes for the possibility of severe weather. the storm is predicted to come close to the eastern shore and end the small shifts could bring severe weather to the baltimore area. >> safety and readiness are paramount when mother nature brings her worst. >> our power outages caused by
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these events, which at times can be prolonged. >> people who run the city say be sure to have an emergency kit with supplies such as a flashlight, canned goods, can opener, bottled water, as well as a battery-operated radio. >> hurricane isabel belted us pretty good, but earl will be nothing compared to isabel. it's important to remember what we learned from her. >> reporter: many people try to take the threat of hurricanes in stride, but for folks living along the lesson, with earl approaching, many have their guard up. when isabel hit western maryland as a strong storm, the tidal surge swamped millers island overnight. many people had to be rescued from their home and almost seven years later, people are still rebuilding. the lesson of isabel has many people thinking, never take a
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storm for granted. >> in that instance, it hit us worse than we thought it would be. a lot of our members lost their homes. we're well aware of what a storm can do to you. >> firefighters say they are shifting schedules to add extra staffing in preparation for early. they're calling on people with special medical conditions or limited mobility to let them know in advance if they need help should they need to be evacuated. you can always get the latest on hurricane earl on our website,, check out the up-to-the-minute news on our homepage. go to the weather tab and click on the hurricane center. for those who hoped to the enjoy the last couple days of summer at the beach, this image isn't very welcoming. it's amazing to see the hurricane thousands of miles above the earth.
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we want to show you this, it's incredible. a view from the storm we don't get to see. a birds eye view. the eye of the storm. nasa released the stunning video of hurricane earl from space. you can see the monster category four storm barreling towards the eeked right now. we're keeping an eye on it from the ground. winds are reaching speeds up to 145 miles per hour. it's expected to lose some steam after tomorrow night. it's still predicted to bring heavy rain, high surf and gusty winds as it moves north. >> soon in the stand, and howfully staying safe with dry ground. we'll have complete coverage
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later today through ocean city. we have a weather station, show you what it looks like around 13th street. 75 degrees. little bit of morning mist, not such else going on. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. ocean city, currently dry, no rain within a few hundred miles of our sweep. 83 degrees. gorgeous day with highs clouds late in the day. winds off the water, currently light, will increase with waves about five to six feet and building throughout the day. let's see what's happening. here's kim brown. >> traffic is building, that's pretty much the most happening out there. it's running very well. no accidents and very minor delays at this time. as we look at 95, 395 in baltimore city, both directions running very good. no problems northbound toward the fort mchenry tunnel. further towards the capital beltway, headed towards the d.c.
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area. as we look at our maps right now, only working one incident, very minor in western howard county, woodvine. root 97, reports of debris in the roadway, really no problems right now. stay with us, we have more of your news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland comes right back after this.
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6:46 right now. an unwanted guest is expected to arrive friday morning in ocean city and this morning earl is taking aim at the outer banks of north carolina. we're watching it to see what happens next for our area. linda sow is live in fells point where baltimore city sure is taking precautions. linda? >> yeah, megan, even though we're not expected to take a direct hit from earl in the baltimore area, we could still see rough waters. labor day weekend is often one of the busiest on the water. a lot of people are out on their boats. securing boats with extra lines just incase. coast guard officials warn people should stay off their
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boats and out of the water during the storm. the risk of shifting tides and high winds could pose a big threat. >> we prepare for the worst. all of our vessels are made ready, personnel check their equipment, duty assignments are assigned and we proceed with our best available information we have at the time. >> and if you do decide to go out on the water once things have calmed down, the coast guard recommends you file a float plan. tell somebody where you're going and how long you expect to be out. that way somebody will know you're in trouble if you don't hear from that at that time. governor martin o'malley has declared a state of emergency in preparation of earl. for marylanders, this storm is stirring a lot of bad memories of isabel which caused major flooding. even though earl isn't expected
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to be nearly as devastating, emergency crews are still preparing for the worst, though they're not anticipating it. firefighters are putting out their initials emergency plans right now. they're putting it into motion right now and asking residents to do the same. >> hurricane season, you never know what's going to come up the bay, high winds or whatever. just keep an eye on the weather. that's all we ask. >> flooding from hurricane isabel destroyed almost 300 homes in baltimore county alone. well tourists on the outer banks are being told to get out. this is turning out to be an it big disappointment for many hoping to enjoy the last bit of summer on the beach. marylanders are being forced to cut their vacation short and head back home, listen. >> we waited five years to have this vacation.
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we got spend three days there, it was beautiful, but we had to leave. >> waited five years. three days they got out of it. officials say there's only one real way to avoid disaster. that forces people to get out, ahead of the storm. earl's expected to show up tomorrow morning. >> when they tell you to leave, you gotta do it. hurricane earl is predicted to hit the outer banks. sandra endo has more. sandra, how's it looking there? >> reporter: it's just beautiful. look at the gorgeous sunrise behind me and the water. but people are bracing for the worst, gearing up, keeping a watchful eye out for hurricane earl. near 140 miles per hour. and the national hurricane center says the storm is only growing and definitely headed this way. certainly the beautiful scenery here will look different later tonight.
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>> sandra, let me ask you, i don't know if you've had a chance to talk to many people, with hurricanes there, are some people who refuse to leave and they're going to ride out the storm. have you heard rumblings of those folks sticking around? >> absolutely, the severity of it is pretty severe. the governor here declared a state of emergency. president obama designed a disaster declaration for north carolina ahead of the storm. all the people we spoke with at the store, earlier yesterday, said they're stocking up on supplies, they're going to hunker down, ride it out in their homes. they're going to just watch the storm pass by. keep in mind, there are severe evacuation orders in effect. there's one put into effect early this morning for this county. certainly it's spreading and the warnings are very serious. >> all right, sandra, calm before the storm, stay safe there. stay with abc2 news for
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complete coverage of earl as it moves up the east coast. join as at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll have a special show leading into news at 5:00 and 6:00. more coverage at 11:00. of course tomorrow, on good morning maryland, we'll start one hour early for you. we'll start at 4:00 in the morning. live team coverage will continue throughout the day. get the latest on check out the up-to-the-minute news on our homepage. for everything earl, go to the weather tab and click on hurricane center. 6:51 right now. a hostage situation at the headquarters of the discovery channel cable tv network in montgomery county ends with gunfire. james lee took several people hostage for several hours in
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silver spring. >> the suspect was shot by police officers uh, the uh, device um, appeared to go off uh, the hostages, there were three hostages, all the hostages are safe. >> the hostages, two employees and a security guard weren't hurt in a four-hour standoff. the suspect complained for years about the network's environmental programming. this could be me, we'll take you down the road are nasa at the goddard space center. i want to go right now to jeff, thanks for joining us, i want to talk about flying into the weather here, you call it after yet muppet missions, right? >> what are you seeing so far when you fly into the storm so far? >> what nasa has is a fleet of
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special research aircraft. we have the dc8 which flies up to 40,000 feet. it gets right inside the eye as the eye is coming together. nasa, for the first time, we're flying a global hawk, an unpiloted aircraft, a large aircraft, we fly it out of california. this is the first time we ever got over a hurricane with an unpiloted vehicle. east pacific, seen from underside this aircraft, this morning we're flying over earl with that aircraft. >> what can the pools tell us about the storm? >> most of the hurricane hunters, when they go in, getting in at 10,000 feet, 15,000 feet. there's an awful lot that goes on, with the eye is located. that's where the towering thunderstorms are bubbling up. these high altitude aircraft let us get over the top of the storm. for the first time, we're taking it over the aircraft, it can last as long as 26 hours in the
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air without refueling. that let's us follow the storm and let us learn a lot of the processing that cause it to change intensity. >> keep up with this information, jeff, thank you very much. let's look at weather locally, here's justin. 54, yeah, this storm is a heat engine. it's a warm core, it feeds off the warm water. nothing going on in maryland. few high clouds across the del marva, the outer reaches of this system. looking at the rain bands here. deceiving, it looks like the whole thing is shifting towards shore. as we pull it back wider, you can see the eye getting dry air wrapped into the west side. the storm is probably already reached its peak. we're wrapping the rain bands on the western fringe. the weaker side of the storm. will affect the carolinas by
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midday, tomorrow afternoon. 145 mile-per-hour winds, 5:00 a.m. advisory from the hurricane center. passing offshore from ocean city. want to give you a better impact of how this thing will be impacting us. it appears as if this wind field, tropical storm force winds, that's the yellow shading here. maybe easton, denton, cambridge, salisbury, hurricane force winds here. strongest side on the east side. nothing impacting us in baltimore, except for the waves being pushed off the chesapeake through this system. out towards nova scotia towards the weekend. clipping the carolinas this evening. clipping ocean city tomorrow morning. essentially what we'll be looking at are conditions that are dry, hot and 92 degrees in baltimore. tomorrow, cooler, 88. let's get to the extended forecast. behind the storm, we have a great labor day weekend, highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s.
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>> traffic is excellent, if you want to get a jump on your morning commute, now is the time to do it. minor delays, no accidents right now. here's the beltway on the top side, approaching the harrisburg expressway. exit to get on the harrisburg expressway, traffic is moving great in both directions. drive times and maps, no real issues, so far so good. five to six minutes southbound, 95 between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. 795 is looking good. just debris in the roadway in howard county. that's in the process of being cleared. just a reminder, we'll be on at 4:00 this afternoon. special coverage after this morning's show. justin's heading to ocean city. we'll start an hour early tomorrow morning at 4:00 in the morning. >> good morning america coming up at 7:00.
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